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Imagine that you woke up in an unknown place without any clue where you are and what brought you here. It’s murky and empty, there is not a soul. There is something distributing in this dim lighting and dead silence. And even though nothing has happened yet, something tells you you are in trouble. And you are used to believing your instincts, because you are a wolf! Not a real one, though. You are a cartoon character and this is not exactly the kind of scenery you are accustomed to seeing around you. Before that moment, you never even realized there is a different dimension where creatures like you come out of ink machines like the one standing in the corner of the room. Beware, this is not just an innocent device to print images! It seems to be possessed or something, because the ink inside the cartridge takes a life of its own, and this life can creep out even the most hardened horror fan!

The whole gameplay is basically a survival horror with elements of puzzle. You have to roam about the building exploring your surroundings and searching for essential resources that will keep you alive. One particularly important thing you should constantly stock up on is food. Without it, you won’t be able to hold out for too long. Your health meter will keep dropping and soon you will find yourself totally helpless. So, first of all, pay attention to that – keep yourself well-fed. After all, you are a wolf! Danger will threaten you every step of the way. You’ll come across all kinds of eerie creatures brought to life by the dysfunctional ink machine and they won’t show any friendly behavior towards you. Sometimes it’s enough to just be careful and walk past the menacing-looking being hoping that it won’t notice you. But if it does, it’s better to run as fast and as far from that place as you can. And if there is nowhere to run, well, that means you have to hope for the best and put up a fight. Luckily, you have your sharp teeth and claws for that, but there are also enough objects scattered around the building that you can use as weapons.

The most important thing is to think fast and act on the fly adapting to the changing circumstances. Which can be quite difficult providing the level of paranoia and feats of panic you’ll experience facing all the horrors waiting for you at the studio. The whole thing is complicated by the fact that there are no save points, so if you fail, you’ll have to replay the whole story from the very beginning. Good luck, you’re going to need it!

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