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Indie horror games continue to impress us with the variety of themes and their imaginative implementation. When you keep seeing the same stories, characters and gameplay elements time after time, you quickly get tired of it. Boris and the Dark Survival is a refreshing gulp of air within the genre. First of all, the view is top down which makes encounters with monsters far less scary, because it’s not like they appear in front of you out of nowhere, and at the same time gives you a better overview of the location where you have to find certain items. The needed ones will be marked by yellow glow, so you’ll notice them immediately.

For second, both the protagonist and antagonist are far from what you can expect. The main hero is actually a wolf from a cartoon named Boris who runs away from a wicked ink blot trying to swallow him. To avoid a grim fate, you must be very attentive and careful. The sign that gives away your enemy is near is the sound of a heartbeat. It should become your red alert flag prompting you to jump on your feet and get away immediately. Since there are no ways for you to fend off the monster’s attacks, your only chance to save your skin is to maximize the distance between you and the gluttonous ink in the shortest time possible.

The problem with it is that you have such parameter as stamina and it drains pretty quickly. Actually, you’ll see it drop considerably after each race like that. So one of the most important parts of the gameplay is to keep yourself well-fed. Rummage through one of the food machines you’ll find in the studio – there must be something tasty for you there. As you explore the territory of the building, you’ll also discover various collectibles and mysterious pieces of paper that will tell you parts of the studio’s story. Enjoy your gloomy adventure and see if you can escape the ink monster unharmed!

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