Bendy and the Ink Machine 2

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In nature, wolf is a merciless hunter who always catches his prey. This game turns the things upside down. Even though the hero is a wolf, there is something more powerful and ferocious out there eager to get to you. It keeps pursuing you throughout the gameplay and you turn into a helpless victim who can’t fight back and has only one chance of survival – to stay on the run. This is just what you are about to do in Boris and the Dark Survival. But don’t worry, despite the frightening name and the disturbing concept, everything doesn’t actually look that spooky because it’s designed as a cartoon. Nevertheless, finding your way out of this fictional trap won’t be so simple. You need to follow the thread of hints to unravel the whole thread of the story. Are you ready to immerse yourself into this thrilling adventure? Then let’s begin!

Your survival quest will start at a place familiar to many gamers – the animation studio from Bendy and the Ink Machine. Even the names of these to games sound alike and so are the basic mechanics. Like in the previous chapter, you’ll get to an empty cartoon studio possessed by some kind of a dark force creating ink monsters out of nowhere. These demonic creatures will hunt you as you wander about the building and collect the things you need to get to another level. Once the hellish powers that have captured the place become aware of your presence, they won’t rest until they locate and seize you. To avoid that, you need to do everything fast and take care of your stamina that will decrease after each sprint. It’s not that hard to do – just find some food and you’ll quickly get rid of fatigue. Don’t forget that you also need to uncover the secrets of the studio, so no matter how threatened you are at the moment, you have to keep your mind open for any clues you might run across!

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