Bendy and the Ink Machine 2020

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4 stars

What can be jollier and sprightlier than good old cartoons we used to watch as kids? They are supposed to amuse and entertain. This one is quite a grim one, though. Something went awry at the animation studio and instead of producing cute and funny images the printing machine started spitting out sheer horrors. All because of the horrible Ink Demon that possessed it. Trying to fix things, the chief animator, Henry Stein, got stuck inside the building pursued by an army of ink monsters. One of his creations, Boris the wolf, decided to rescue him from this mess and projected himself to the other side of the screen to lend him a helping paw. Now he has to inspect every little bit of the studio picking up different supplies and uncovering dark secrets trying to find Henry and stay away from the very thing that brought this nightmare into life.

The levels are procedurally generated which means you won’t come across two absolutely identical locations and sets of enemies even if you replay the game. To free you friend, you need to collect certain things. There is a special checklist for that – make sure you got hold of all the stuff mentioned there before proceeding to another location. This can only be done through the elevator, so you’d better spot one on your current level in advance. Aside from that, you also have to check the lockers for scraps of paper containing pieces of the story. There are a total seven of them and they won’t be easy to find. But after all, what’s a good horror without some challenge?

Once you’ve added a certain share of the needed items to your inventory, you’ll have to encounter the Ink Demon. Like in other classic horrors, you can only run and hide, without the ability to fight back. To that end, the map contains special areas called Little Miracle Stations – once you’re in there, the demon can’t get to you. Note that running will drain your stamina that you’ll have to replenish by eating something. Luckily, there are plenty of snacks in food machines that will quickly put you back on your legs. Just don’t stay on one place for too long – the demon won’t stop until he finds and kills you and every minute of wasted time only brings your demise closer. Black and white design, top-down view and ominous atmosphere make Boris and the Dark Survival a visually appealing and delightfully suspenseful representative of the genre. You surely need to play it online if you you’re tired of zombies, ghosts and other standard horror themes!

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