Bendy and the Ink Machine

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4.2 stars

How could such a project created in a month-long span by two developers from California attract millions of people? The answer is simple: mysterious satanic theme in cartoon style. We play as Henry Stein, an animator who used to work at a place called Joey Drew Studio. After thirty years, he suddenly receives a letter from his former colleague asking him to come over and check something out. Henry sets food in the studio, looks down the hall he used to walk through with nostalgia and all is quite well until the antagonist starts the ill-fated ink machine and so our adventure begins. The game is divided into five chapters ending with the Archives. This is a kind of a museum dedicated to the game and available after passing the whole storyline. The plot is surprisingly far from straightforward, there are interesting twists and moments. Here you can see demon, angels, an anthropomorphic furry wolf named Boris, an insane occultist and bizarre ink creatures who are called the Lost. The game tries to adopt the style of cartoons from the 60s and you can’t but notice that hand-drawn 3D graphics is the best aspect of the game. It’s nice to simply enjoy the visuals. All this is a huge animated world without a drop of reality that barely shows through in just a few episodes.

Your journey will run through a lot of spectacular locations filled with all kinds of wonders. In this world, everything is fascinating. You hear strange sounds, then you come across a bone or a can of bacon soup lying on the floor. Pentagrams, candles and stuff like that add horror and atmosphere. This is a unique experience where cuteness merges with a creepiness. This is a game where you can see plush toys in one corner of the room and ink hearts in the other.

The characters live up to your expectations. They are alive and you see a soul in them although some clearly don’t have it. They are all designed with care and love, no mater how dreadful they are and they are all different. If any of the heroes has a cartoon prototype, you are sure to find plenty of details in audio tracks, notes and other Easter eggs scattered around the studio. As you can guess, your goal is to successfully oppose the ink horrors and escape the haunted building without getting hurt, all while learning the spooky story behind these enigmatic events. Will you be able to do that? Play Bendy and the Ink Machine online and find out!

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