Boris and Bendy

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4.8 stars

Can you survive in constant danger when your life hangs by a thread every second? Can you stay on the run fleeing from an unknown power yet remain observant enough to find and compose all parts of the puzzle into a coherent story? Will you be able to escape this murky place alive and save your friend trapped here? Find that out playing Boris and the Dark Survival! It’s a gripping horror adventure that will keep you on edge from the very beginning till the very end with Boris and Bendy. You can’t relax, you don’t have time to stop and catch your breath. The evil monster is hunting you and it can appear out of the darkness any moment. You have to be vigilant and careful if you want to stay alive – and accomplish the quest you came here for.

This is not a common location and you’re not a common character. The events unfold at a former animation studio and you are a cartoon that somehow ended up in our world. Your task is to search the numerous floors of the building for clues that will lead you to the very person who created you tucked away by the mutinous ink demon. That won’t be easy, the vile creature won’t let its victim go without a fight. So you have to outsmart him and come to the rescue just in time while your friend is still breathing. To do that, you need to collect a certain list of items and notes containing vital information you’re going to require for a successful outcome. Remember that the monster is on to you, look out for any signs of threat and run for your life if he is near!

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