Boris and the Dark Survival 2020

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5 stars

If you already played Bendy and the Ink Machine, you have a pretty clear idea of what to expect from Boris and the Dark Survival. The two games are connected by the same setting and plot and you’ll even stumble upon references to familiar characters from the previous chapters. This time, though, you won’t be controlling any of Joey Drew Studio’s staff. Instead, you’re going to play as a wolf. Not a real one, though – the one drawn by the former animator who went mysterious missing over the course of the preceding events. Now that his life is in danger and there is no other way to get out of this, he used his knowledge of occult animation to call forth one of the cartoon characters he once gave life too. Now it’s your mission to find your way around the terrible ink monster who seized the studio.

The gameplay consists of exploring the building, level after level, and searching for supplies and secrets. You won’t be able to leave the floor without procuring all the things on your list, so there is a lot of work waiting for you. All this time, the horror creature made of ink will be breathing down your neck. Running from it may turn out to be a little tiring, so you’ll have to keep yourself going by grabbing a bite now and again. If your stamina is critically low, it’s enough to sip some bacon soup and you’re good to go. Carefully examine every nook and cranny – there are also collectibles for you to pick up in the least expected places. The paper notes that you’ll discover along the way will help you figure out what’s happening and what to do next. Don’t let the nasty ink blot anywhere near you – if you hear even a vague echo of its ominous heartbeat, make it out of that place as soon as possible!

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