Boris and the Dark Survival

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4.6 stars

The concept of merging two realities – the one we live in and the virtual one – has always thrilled us. Where do the boundaries of our everyday world end and how steady are they actually? Can it be that the realm of other imagination breaks through the thin veil dividing it from the physical dimension and also becomes part of it? This is both thrilling and scary. Boris and The Dark Survival will question your perception of what can be considered real – and give you a fair portion of goosebumps in the process.

The whole thing goes back to the grim events described in another game of the sort, Bendy and the Ink Machine. It doesn’t matter whether you played it or not, though, because this one is a quite independent story with nothing more than amusing references to the preceding chapters. As you probably remember if you did, the action unfolds at an abandoned cartoon studio where everyone have gone mysteriously mission, drawn into some kind of a portal connecting the world of people and the world of their creations. Last time, you helped to investigate the enigmatic case of one of the employee’s disappearance which ended up in roaming through a murky domain of painted monsters and surreal nightmare. This time everything seems to be reversed and instead of those inhabiting our daily reality getting sucked into a cartoon, the cartoon itself broke free and spilled outside the screen.

Now our new hero called Boris who is actually a hand-drawn wolf needs to become the rescuer of a retired animator lost somewhere in the building. Or course, you can find him just idly roaming around. He is hidden safely and the only way to discover his whereabouts is to follow the vague trace of hints the developers left for you. Each level contains so-called secrets – a series of notes describing the course of events that you need to find to restore the whole story. And since the levels are generated randomly, that means every time you replay the game you’ll stumble upon new details. This is quite fascinating on its own, kind of folding all shreds of information you can obtain and everything that have happened here into the very mechanics of the gameplay. You don’t have to be bound by the linear storyline. Instead, you can learn a different story every time you decide to plunge into this eerie adventure once again. See what awaits you in the process and try not to get caught by the malicious ink demon who isn’t very fond of intruders!

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