Chapter 2

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We all have our fears. Somebody is afraid of staying home alone at night, others feel particularly terrified by spiders or snakes, there are those who dread supernatural creatures like vampires and ghosts. Our fear can take different forms, but the scariest thing of all is that sheer blackness with no shape that lurks somewhere at the corner of your mind sometimes oozing out and transforming into any kinds of images your uneasy mind can come up with. It can be compared to a blot of ink spilling all over the table and dripping to the floor. And this is exactly the concept used in Boris and The Dark Survival. The monsters you are going to fight are no flesh and blood – they are simply ink blots brought into life by some malevolent force. You are caught in the middle of this nightmare and have to get out of it. And you can do it by following all the hints and clues dispersed through the cartoon studio where the events take place. But do you have enough nerve and stamina to get through all the trials and horrors awaiting you?

The main character of the game is also fictional – it is a wolf named Boris from one of the cartoons the studio is making. Or rather, was making, because after the ink machine went crazy and started producing all sorts of vile creatures that flooded the building causing chaos and attacking people, all the staff fled in terror. And now the huge territory is completely empty. Well, not quite, but it’s going to take a lot of exploration to learn the story and figure out what actually happened here. If you carefully observe your surroundings, collect tiny details of the puzzle and put every piece of information you’ve found out together, you may get answers to your questions. Can you find your way home and how to do it? Why is the ink machine acting up and how to defeat or maybe fix it? Of course, it’s hard to focus on investigation when your life is constantly in danger. The monsters engendered by the possessed device are everywhere and you need to be very careful not to become their prey.

It gets even tougher because you also have to eat to sustain your life. There is of course enough food at the studio, but you shouldn’t forget about this little yet highly important aspect of the gameplay. Skipping a snack may result in lowered stamina and you won’t be able to run as fast or defend yourself against your enemies. Wanna find out more? Play Boris and the Dark Survival online and prove that wolves are really the hardiest creatures!

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