Chapter 3

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4.8 stars

What is the recipe of a successful escape room horror quest with elements of survival and detective? First of all, you need a setting that will be dangerous and mysterious at the same time. In our case, it’s a cartoon studio abandoned after a series of paranormal events that happened there. Secondly, there should be some powerful and creepy enemy pursuing you – a crazy serial killer, an angry ghost or a crowd of hungry zombies. Boris and the Dark Survival invites you to try and escape a menacing ink demon that emerged from a printing machine. It’s basically a black stain flowing towards you over the floor and eerily dripping from the walls in chapter 3. Looks pretty scary because it doesn’t even have any recognizable outlines. So you can only guess what will happen to you if this terrifying creature catches you.

Survival elements in the game are represented by the necessity to eat in order to restore your vigor. If you forget to follow your stamina meter, you may find yourself unable to run at the most critical moment. The proximity of your foe motivates you to stay on the move, so you won’t have a lot of time to explore your surroundings and find the necessary items. The faster you cope with the tasks the better, but you also shouldn’t miss anything important in the process. To pass the location and move to a new level, you need to collect certain objects scattered all over the place. Check every corner, think about where you can find the things you need. You won’t have trouble spotting them if you opened the right locker or drawer because they will instantly draw your eye with their yellow color.

Finally, Boris and the Dark Survival has a gripping detective storyline. Every level contains a piece of the puzzle you have to discover. They won’t necessarily open up a full story to you, but you’ll have better understanding of what’s going on and how to deal with it. Plus it’s simply exciting on its own, especially if you already played other games from the series. Attentive players will also find various collectible items that won’t be lost even if you fail and have to start over. The intriguing and spooky world of Boris and the Dark Survival is waiting for you online!

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