Boris and the Dark Survival Game

There is something disturbing in that ink blot test many of us has taken. The fact that our imagination can suddenly turn an innocent black stain into a huge spider or the shadow of a killer clown can really unsettle sensitive minds. Why do they remind us of some ominous and terrifying things? This property of our psyche was used as a basis for a whole series of games that started as Bendy and the Ink Machine and span out into Boris and the Dark Survival. Here you are going to confront a strange and menacing entity – the terrible Ink Monster that emerged from a crazy printing machine and can take just about any shape to scare the hell out of you.

Can you feel shivers running down your spine? Then it’s time to join the creepy adventures of a cartoon wolf amidst an abandoned animation studio!

Black as ink

The main character of the game, a humanlike wolf named Boris, is actually familiar to fans of the series. He already made an appearance in the previous chapter, albeit as an antagonist – he was one of the creatures chasing the hero. Now his status switched to victim and he himself is on the run trying to flee from the ink demon wrecking havoc on the building. The game has a strong survival element – you need to stay on your guard because the enemy is lurking nearby and can pop right in front of you any second. There is no saving, so if you are caught you’ll have to start from the very beginning. But that hardly affect the replay value since all the levels are procedurally generated and you’ll never get two experiences alike. Even the clues containing important information about the story behind these grim events are always different, so even if you have to start over, view it as a chance to learn even more about Joey Drew Studio and its paranormal background. Besides, all the collectibles you’ve managed to find up to that point, will be retained and you can take consolation in that fact as well.

Explore, run, survive

The gameplay guides you through a series of locations that you need to explore and find certain items from your checklist. Only when all of them are stashed safely in your backpack can you proceed to the elevator that will take you to the next level. But note that the horrifying creature will start pursuing you very early on, so you can’t linger at one place for too long. You can actually say how close it is by listening out to the creepy beating of the ink heart. Although you are a wolf, your teeth and claws won’t be enough to fight this monster, so there is basically one thing you can do – run. There are special hideouts scattered all over the map where you can wait out the dangerous moment, but you need to get there on time. And it will be very frustrating to run out of stamina just a few steps away from shelter. This is a thing you should take very seriously – make sure you eat as often as possible to keep yourself capable of running away in case of danger. Each level contains notes that will unravel the entire story of the cursed studio. Play Boris and the Dark Survival online and find out more about this fascinating cartoon world!

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